Stoneware espresso cup, right view
  • Stoneware espresso cup, right view
  • Stoneware espresso cup, left view
  • Stoneware espresso cup, hang view
  • Stoneware espresso cup, inside view
  • Stoneware espresso cup, down side view

Stoneware cup for espresso tg011

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In dark brown and matt white

Perfect to drink with pleasure and enjoy that cup of espresso, tea, coffee with liqueurs, infusions, etc. that lifts your spirit. This cup of appropriate size for espresso coffee has a capacity of approximately half a glass and a size of about 7 cm (c. 3") high by 7 cm (c. 3") in diameter plus about 3 cm (c. 1") of the handle. This have a small turn around at the bottom that supports the finger, thus avoiding touching the cup that could be hot. Imagine having it at home or the office, do not miss the opportunity.

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It is a small work of high craftsmanship, of elaborate and careful design in all its details. All espresso cups are unique, but maintain a similar size. In this way it is possible to create sets that maintain a relationship by color. You can also choice some of several different colors that form a contrasting group of pieces.


The base is unglazed, it is something that is normal for handmade ceramic pieces. This is not a problem since the clay is vitrified and is practically waterproof. It is also polished so cannot affect the surface of the furniture if used properly.


This cup is made of stoneware, like the other cups, mugs and tumblers of different sizes, and the stoneware bowls, plates, etc. All made to be used with food found in this store. Porcelain with a normal thickness walls and stoneware are the materials used to manufacture the restaurant and home tableware. That makes them food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe, and resistant to sudden temperature changes. There are other pieces like porcelain bowls or salad bowls that also share these characteristics.

Porcelain is a harder material than stoneware, although it is more delicate to work with. It allows to make thinner walls and can be translucent. This makes it perfect for special pieces and lamps and not so much for everyday use ware as those of stoneware or porcelain with normal thickness walls.

There are also decorative pieces and others with mixed techniques in which I use other non-ceramic materials.

I prepare myself the glazes with high quality industrial raw materials. They have balanced formulas so that they melt properly on the piece in the final firing. Thus they are transformed into colored glass, they become in an inert material that does not alter with the acids of some foods, nor with sudden changes in temperature, etc. The interior has a glaze formulated to properly blend with the paste of the piece. So no cracking should form.


I have glazed this with a bone white color in the upper two thirds that makes a cream color in the thick parts. And it overlaps on a dark brown glaze on the bottom, creating an interesting contrast. Below you can find other cups that might interest you as well. I select them because they have similar color combinations to make pairs or sets of pieces.

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Approximate weight
200 gr, 7 oz, 0,5 Lb
Approximate capacity
150 ml, 5 oz, 0,3 pint
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