Essential oil diffuser air freshener, front view
  • Essential oil diffuser air freshener, front view
  • Essential oil diffuser air freshener, back side view
  • Essential oil diffuser air freshener, up side view
  • Essential oil diffuser air freshener, down side view
  • Essential oil diffuser air freshener, way to use view

Essential oil diffuser air freshener ag004

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Bright mint green with reddish areas

It is turned with a special technique to make it in one piece. This air freshener is the perfect natural way to perfume your home. It is used with water, add drops of any essential oil to flavor and create a cozy, relaxing and magical atmosphere. (Candles and essential oils are not included in the delivery). It is about 10-12 cm (4 to 5") high by 10 cm (4") wide. Do not miss the opportunity to have this little treasure in your hands.

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It is a piece with a delicate and difficult design when it comes to making it on the potter's wheel. It is a small work of high craftsmanship, of elaborate and careful design in all its details.

Put a little water in the container at the top and put a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the water. Use more drops for a stronger fragrance. Put a candle on the bottom and light the candle. Be sure to keep the container with water as it will evaporate after a few hours. The central chimney allows heat dissipation to prevent the piece from breaking in case the water evaporates and the candle remains lit, even so it is advisable to keep water in the container.

The base is unglazed, it is something that is normal for handmade ceramic pieces. This is not a problem since the piece is glazed and waterproof. It is also polished so as not to affect the surface of the furniture if used properly. It is recommended to put it on a plate or tray in case it is accidentally overturned and the oil is poured and stains the surfaces. So there is no risk of fire if the oil is watered on a solid surface.


This piece is made of stoneware, like the cups, mugs and tumblers of different sizes, and the stoneware bowls, plates, etc. All made to be used with food found in this store. Porcelain with a normal thickness walls and stoneware are the materials used to manufacture the restaurant and home tableware. That makes them food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe, and resistant to sudden temperature changes. There are other pieces like porcelain bowls or salad bowls that also share these characteristics. The interior has a glaze formulated to properly blend with the paste of the piece. So no cracking should form.

Porcelain is a harder material than stoneware, although it is more delicate to work with. It allows to make thinner walls and can be translucent. This makes it perfect for special pieces and lamps and not so much for everyday use ware as those of stoneware or porcelain with normal thickness walls.

There are also decorative pieces and others with mixed techniques in which I use other non-ceramic materials.

I prepare myself the glazes with high quality industrial raw materials. They have balanced formulas so that they melt properly on the piece in the final firing. Thus they are transformed into coloured glass, they become in an inert material that does not be altered with the acids of some foods.


I glazed this piece with a bright mint green with reddish areas glaze. In the kiln the glazes melt and mix creating unique and unrepeatable effects.

Below you can find other pieces of similar size and capacity that might interest you as well. I select them because they have similar or contrasting glaze or color combinations. This way you can create sets of pieces that are related, or on the contrary, select others that make contrast.

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