Piggy -phantom- bank with felt lid, front side view
  • Piggy -phantom- bank with felt lid, front side view
  • Piggy -phantom- bank with felt lid, back side view
  • Piggy -phantom- bank with felt lid, back side view
  • Piggy -phantom- bank with felt lid, up side view
  • Piggy -phantom- bank with felt lid, down side view
  • Piggy -phantom- bank with felt lid, way to use

Piggy -phantom- bank with felt lid hg009

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This is a piggy bank in the shape of a ghost that eats your money and keeps it safe with its glued lid of felt at the base. The shape of its phantasmagorical crest is formed spontaneously when closing the upper part and it is unrepeatable. It is turned in a special way to make it a unique piece. It is about 15-18 cm (6"-7") high by 11 cm (c.5") wide. Do not miss the opportunity to give this little treasure as a gift for kids, friends or yourself.

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It has a sinuous mouth for coins or folded bank notes. There is a hole at the base covered with felt to be able to remove the money without breaking the piece, just stick a snippet of any fabric to continue using it. This piece is a small work of high craftsmanship, of elaborate and careful design in all its details.

This piece is made of stoneware, like the cups, mugs and tumblers of different sizes, and the stoneware bowls, plates, etc. All made to be used with food found in this store. Porcelain with a normal thickness walls and stoneware are the materials used to manufacture the restaurant and home tableware. There are other pieces like porcelain bowls or salad bowls that also share these characteristics. The interior of all these pieces has a glaze formulated to properly blend with the clay of the piece. That makes them food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe, and resistant to sudden temperature changes.

Porcelain is a harder material than stoneware, although it is more delicate to work with. It allows to make thinner walls and can be translucent. This makes it perfect for special pieces and lamps and not so much for everyday use ware as those of stoneware or porcelain with normal thickness walls.

There are also decorative pieces and others with mixed techniques in which I use other non-ceramic materials.

I prepare myself the glazes with high quality raw materials. They have balanced formulas so that they melt properly on the piece in the final firing. Thus they are transformed into coloured glass, they become in an inert material that does not be altered with the acids of some foods.

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